Saturday, March 27, 2010

The next step: Creating two part selections

The next stage has some common characteristics.  They have a set of dialogs where two selections are made, and then actions take place.

Case 1: Load words from another set.

  • Select a set of word lists:
    • Select all, and Clear all are there to help.  This is multiselect.
  • Display all words in the selected lists.
  • Select words from the displayed words.
    • Select All, and Clear all are there to help.  This is multiselect.
  • Select OK, to merge all selected words into current list.

Case 2: Merge words in my set to other lists

  • Select words in my current set for merging
  • Select a set of words
  • Add my words to each set selected.

Case 3: Edit words

  • Display all words currently in the list.
  • Allow deletion of words, modeled on Mail (multi select)
  • Allow adding new words to the set
    • This will be based on the current add word method.
    • It will allow selecting words, or typing them in.
    In the above text, one common theme is selecting things from a list.  The first thing to be done is to extend my table control to allow multi-select, preferably from multiple methods.  In addition I need to be able to have a flow through various selection types with minimal custom code for each flow.

    This is a major enhancement, once this is done well most of the rest of the application will be trivial.  In addition there are many other applications I have in mind which can use this same functionality.  Having this in a library will greatly accelerate the development of those applications

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