Thursday, March 25, 2010

Continuing with development

The last major refactoring is done, now the application is still a little creaky.  I want to restructure the application so that instead of having a clunky dialog for editing lists, it has a simpler structure

I'm planning to replace the current add list dialog with an 'edit list dialog'.  This will be a custom dialog that allows you to edit the list name, the category, and also to go to several list selection dialogs:
1) Merge Lists -- Select one or more lists to merge into the current list.
2) Add/Edit words -- A single dialog that allows you to see the current words in the list, and depending on buttons you choose, either delete words, or add words (selecting from the current set).   This will support multiple selection types:  When adding words it will bring up a filter selection that selects from all words.
3) You can also go the Display Words Dialog and display the word list as if you had selected it from the main screen.

This will not be a table driven dialog, but will instead be a custom form which supports both portrait and landscape modes.   

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