Friday, March 12, 2010

The initial sight word application

Over the last few months I've been working on my sight word application. I've learned a lot about objective c and iPhone development and now I have something that words. I'm going to post and discuss my current code base and note the changes and polish that have to take place before it is useable. After that I will blog the process of refactoring to make a clean polished application.   The reason I'm not starting from scratch is that the initial development was a learning experience in how to use Objective-C and the Cocoa Development libraries.   I now have a better understanding of them, and can write about what I did, as I refactor my code to be more modular and better designed.

This version of the Sight Words Application is rough, and has bugs. In particular it has memory management issues and isn't quite fully functional.

What it can do is:

  1. Let the user create and delete lists.
  2. Quickly add new words to a list, with suggestions
  3. Display sightwords and allow collecting correct and incorrect words.
  4. Creating new words from the incorrect words.
  5. Importing data from a flat file (which is currently hardcoded).

The current screen structure is:

  • Select List dialog – Allows selection of the sight word list to work with.
    • Clicking a table entry will bring up the Display words dialog
    • Selecting the accessory button will bring up the Display Current words dialog.
    • Clicking the add button will bring up an Add List dialog.

  • Add List Dialog
    • This is currently a modal pane slid over the current view as an overlay. I intend to migrate this to a standard table driven detail editor. It allows entering a word list and category (currently unused)

  • Display Words Dialog
    • This will take the current word list and display it. It will allow the user to select a word as incorrect or correct. At the end it will let them either redisplay all words, the incorrect words, or make a new list based on the incorrect words.

  • Display words in Word List
    • This is intended to allow the user to edit the current word list and select words for content. It currently doesn't work.

  • Add Words Dialog
    • This is a nice dialog; it displays a search bar and lets you select words to display. It then uses a fetched result controller to fetch all the words matching the search bar contents, and then select words. When the add button is pushed the word is sent to the list being edited.

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