Sunday, July 11, 2010

A new app: Wallpaper maker

The recent uproar over the iPhone 4G found in a bar, brought to mind another of my application concepts, a wallpaper maker.  There are only a few wallpaper makers I found on the app store, and I want the ability to make one that has some nice features, but is still simple to use.


  1. Allow the user to place arbitrary text  on the screen in a WYSIWG fashion. They should be able to move the text around by dragging, click to edit, and have the ability to set colors and transparency.
  2. The application should allow for multiple text regions, and the ability to save multiple items that can be placed.
  3. The application should be able to save multiple layouts.
For my first iteration, I will probably only support #1 & #2.

The reason this is topical, is that if Apple had this capability and it had been used on the iPhone 4G, then presumably the finder of the iPhone would have had someone to call, and the entire thing would have never happened, OR if they had continued to sell it then Apple would have a much stronger case for 'stolen property' against gizimodo.

It had been something I'd been planning anyway.  Strangely enough for a core piece of functionality, there really isn't a lot of applications for this.  Tons of 'pretty picture' wallpaper apps, but very few 'write your information on a picture' apps, and I didn't find ANY that were ad supported.

Naturally one of my first choices of text will be:
Prototype Apple Iphone.  Please call 555-555-1234 if found.

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