Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A brief Detour: IPad Math

I just picked up an iPad, and I'm taking a brief detour to build an application for my oldest child.  In first grade they are doing timed math drills for addition and subtraction, and we are having a few problems with the subtraction.   The IPad is perfect for simulating the drills they are doing, which involve 6 rows of 5 problems, subtracting values 10 and under (no negative results).

I put together a quick demo of the capabilities, and I'm going to polish it up so that it works cleanly.  I think it is a more limited appeal item than the others I'm working on, so I'm not going to bother making it iPhone compatible.


  1. Display a sheet of 30 math problems.
  2. Allow for quick choices of the results.
  3. Display correct and incorrect values.
Below is a screen of my first iteration.  The colors were chosen so that I could watch the views as they were being created.  I had a few problems at first.

When a button is selected it will highlight blue, if the correct answer is chosen it will highlight green, the incorrect answer is red.

Note that the colors are not persisted and there are other bugs.   The pink column down below is an attempt to create a view that will hold the buttons.   I had problems actually getting the buttons to respond while belonging to that view.

Future enhancements:
  1. Fix the rotation
  2. Make colors more appealing.
  3. Add a minute timer
  4. Add the ability to create a new sheet.

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