Monday, April 26, 2010

Sight Words: The Path ahead

The path ahead

With time limitations, this has taken a long time to get to a semi usable state.  I want to actually put this out in the app store, and see how it does (and move forward).   There are still additional steps that need to be done first.

Features required for publication

  1. Add the ability to select all/clear all in the selection lists.
  2. Add the ability to paste words into the word list.
  3. Ensure that I don't have duplicate words added when adding words.  Right now I can get duplicates in easily.
  4. Add the ability to delete words from the word list (multiple delete and swipe to delete ).
  5. Enhance iPad support so that it properly uses a split controller.
  6. Modify the sight word display so that it uses a better card metaphor, and eliminate the toolbar.
  7. Do an aesthetic sweep through the application, try to make it look nicer.
  8. Add the ability to migrate the core data database in the 'automated' fashion.
  9. Add the ability to email words and word lists (copy to clipboard, possibly email).

Features that are not going to make it

  1. Speech, speaking words and recording new words.
  2. Filtering based on categories.
  3. Multiple categories for a list.
  4. Help screens
  5. Reset database
  6. Edit individual words/delete/change
  7. bluetooth list exchange

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