Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ad Viewer: Shameless attempt to cash in.

It looks like iAd, Apple's new framework is the future of advertising on the iphone.  They are even attempting to shut out some of the other larger players, such as admob (based on interpretation of the new SDK).

We'll these new ads are supposed to be spectacular, so that they will be entertaining by themselves.  Well, the best way to test this out is to create an adView, its sole function is to display ads.   I'm going to submit it to the Apple store, they might reject it because it doesn't have much functionality, although I think it has at least as much as a fart application or an application that displays a frame and calls it a mirror.

I created a new xcode project and choose my target.  I then added the iAd.Framework.

Next I went into interface builder, and created a view with some iAdbanners.
Running my application I get:

And choosing an ad gives: 

As a developer it could hardly be simpler.  There really is some more work to make things nice, but this gets an ad running SO quickly compared to some other frameworks I tried.

The main worry I have is that I would like to have access to other ad networks so that I could support iphones running  3.1.3.  Iad will  not work on those.

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